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Gatehouse Steakhouse
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Join us for a fantastic dining experience whilst in Dolgellau.



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An Experience

Whether it be a 8oz Rump Steak, an Fillet on the Bone, 16 oz Tbone or a 50oz Ribeye Steak, we aim to send you on your way with a full stomach and a big smile.

Our none-pretentious approach and happy welcoming staff aim to settle you into a great steak experience, as well as a great new menu, an extensive drinks list and a well experienced kitchen team who are passionate about serving high quality produce.

Those who dont fancy steak, dont worry! We have a few options up our sleeve!

Our Gourmet Burgers are hand mixed and rolled on site, then cooked over our flaming hot chargrill.
We also have other main courses such as sizzling Fajitas, Grilled Chicken dishes, swordfish…Oh…and we have a vegetarian section too!
Although we are primarily a Red Meat focused restaurant, we do make a goid effort with Vegetarian and Vegan guests, and have a good loyal vegetarian customer base!


We all like to be look at bright coloured purees on plates, edible flowers, dry-ice smoking away, foams and so on…we agree it looks nice. You wont find this at The Gatehouse though…’Calm down’…what you will find is fine steaks with lush marbelling throughout, hung for 30 days, seasoned with our secret steak-rub, flame grilled…rested…and nicely presented. This is what our guests are returning for time and time again.



We choose specific cattle breeds for their flavour, texture, succulence and size. Some you’ll be familiar with, others may sound pretty exotic: Charolais, Limousin, Welsh Black, Hereford, Aberdeen Angus, Blonde Aquataine and Belgian Blue. We look for both cross-continental steers and heifers, only accepting cattle 30 months or younger, which ensures the muscles haven’t been overworked and the meat is as tender as possible.
Our cattle are fed on both grass and grain, resulting in a fuller flavour and a beautiful marbled fleck of fat – when grilled, this fat melts down into the meat, making them even more juicy and delicious.


Unlike many other steakhouses, at The Gatehouse we provide a full steak experience for you without any of those nasty shocks upon recieving your bill.

Once you’ve decided which of our 14 Steaks you’d like, and how you want it to be cooked, you will have a choice of Steakhouse Fries or Grilled New Potatoes, served with dressed babyleaf salad and a side of home made house-slaw to complete your steak experience.

You can also add some sides such as Pantysgawn Blue Cheese sauce, Creamy Peppercorn, Real Bernaise Sauce, Cajun Onion Rings and more.

Of course, you may want to go for a luxurious little extra – such as lobster mac & cheese – to give your steak that final flourish. And, of course, a great wine or beer to complement it.

Please note we are closed on Sundays and open normal times from Monday – Saturday. Thank you.