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Holiday Time!

Holiday Time!
January 7, 2019 John Dolan

Happy New year everybody. We hope you all have a fantastic 2019.


As you will be aware, we are closed for the whole of January as we always do. It is a great Time for us to get some winter sun and relax before February arrives and it’s back to business!


This January we have come to Indonesia. We arrived here on boxing day and stayed in Jakarta for 1 week, and have now moved on to bali for the next 2.5 weeks.

Indonesia is a country absolutelybsteeped in culture and many local traditions, and vast differences between Bali and Jakarta.

The food has been fantastic. Meal time is always a fun part of our holidays, as we like to try as Many unusual or new dishes as possible. Nothing too crazy of course, but some of the local dishes are so tasty, and even presented well, which i havent seen in other parts of asia too often. A hugely popular dish here is chicken satay…the Balinese are claiming this dish as their own…I must do.mybresearch on this…as I always thought it was from southern China. Banana leaf is used widely here for presentation purposes against a black plate and it looks fantastic…I even had my portion of rice rolled into banana leaf on 1 dish. (See photos).


Whilst out here I have been making our new steakhouse menu and Valentine’s menu. It’s always nice to make a menu while on holiday as I have a fresh mind, and new ideas. Let me just say…our new menu is fantastic. Such good range, no price increases, some fun dishes, some blasts from the past, it’s very cool. It’s still not 100% finished as I am toying with putting on a suckling pig dish…just can’t decide…it’s a stress maker for sure…won’t make my life any easier on a busy night thats for sure.


Anyway…take care everybody and see you in Feb!





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