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Gatehouse Steakhouse
Green Lane,
LL40 1DL

Tel: 01341 422008
Mobile: 07492 691832



Cured Beef Carpaccio 6.85
Thinly Sliced Aged Beef Bresaola with Gorgonzola Cheese, Rock Salt, and Parmesan Shavings (gf)
Blackened Cajun Mushrooms 5.70
Sautee Field Mushrooms cooked in Cajun Cream Sauce, on Chargrilled Ciabatta with Dressed Salad Leaves (v)
Home Made Crispy Duck 6.95
Spring Rolls with Sweet Chilli Sauce and Mixed Leaf Salad
Deep Fried Whitebait 5.95
Breaded Whitebait served with Spicy Chipotle Sauce, Baby Salad Leaves and a Chunk of Lemon
Pulled Pork Tacos 6.95
Crispy Taco Shells filled with Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Pork, served with Dressed Baby Leaf Salad
Breaded Mac n Cheese Bites 6.25
Buenos Aries Style Chicken Wings mixed with Home Made Chimichurri Dressing and Mixed Leaf Salad



Our Steaks are sourced locally from Gwynedd and supplied by the multi award winning T.J. Roberts Family Butcher in Bala. **All Steaks are served with Mixed Baby Leaf Salad, Balsamic Glazed Tomato, and Steak Cut Fries or Grilled New Potatoes**
(all steak main courses & garnish are gluten free)
10 oz Fillet 21.95
Chefs Recommendation – Medium Rare
16 oz Tbone 21.50
Chefs Recommendation Medium or Medium Rare
18 oz Tomahawk Ribeye 27.95
Chefs Recommendation – Medium
Rump Steak 8oz 14.95
Chefs Recommendation – Medium
Rump Steak 20oz 21.90
Chefs Recommendation – Medium
Sirloin Steak 8oz 17.95
12oz 21.95
18oz 26.50
Chefs Recommendation – Rare,
Medium Rare, Medium
Ribeye Steak 8oz 18.50
12 oz 22.50
Chefs Recommendation – Medium Rare, Medium
Fillet Steak 8 oz 20.50
Chefs Recommendation – Medium Rare
Peppercorn 1.95(gf)
Café de Paris Butter 1.95(gf, v)
Perl Las Blue Cheese Sauce 2.15(v)
Steak Diane Sauce 2.50(gf)


We are serious about our burgers here at The Gatehouse! Hand mixed, hand rolled, hand pressed…
not a machine in sight! Cooked on a Flaming Grill.
**All Burgers are served on a Brioche Bun with Steak Cut Chips and Red Cabbage Coleslaw**
The Gatehouse Burger 11.95
Minced Beef Ribeye topped with Colliers Welsh
Cheddar Cheese
The Dolgellau Legend 12.50
Minced Lamb Rump Burger topped with
Pantysgawn Goats Cheese.
The Steak n Stilton Burger 11.95
Minced Beef Ribeye topped with Perl Las Stilton Cheese.
The Spicy Chicken 11.50
Blackened Cajun Chicken Breast with Chipotle Mayo


Sizzling Chicken Fajitas 14.50
Chargrilled Spiced Chicken Strips with Sautéed Vegetables, Tomato Salsa, Sour Cream, Salad and Tortilla Wraps
Dr. Pepper Glazed BBQ Ribs 14.95
Slow Cooked Pork Ribs in Dr. Pepper Glaze, served with Fries, Coleslaw and Dressed Salad Leaves (gf)
Kickin Hunters Chicken 13.95
Flame Grilled Chicken Breast in BBQ Glazetopped with Pineapple Chunks and Melted Cheddar, served with Steak Fries, Mixed Salad and Red Cabbage Coleslaw (gf)
New Orleans Style Salmon 14.70
Chargrilled Salmon Fillet Basted in Creole Spice served with Grilled New Potatoes or Fries with Mixed Leaf Salad and Balsamic Roast Tomato (gf)
Chimmichurri Chicken Kebabs 14.95
Chargrilled Chicken Skewers Marinated in Chimichurri Sauce served with Dressed Salad, Fries, Grilled Pitta Bread and Red Cabbage Coleslaw



Sizzling Veggie Fajitas 12.50
Sautéed Spicy Vegetables served with Tortilla Wraps, Tomato Salsa, Sour Cream, Coleslaw and Crispy salad. (v)
Cajun Halloumi Chunks 13.95 (v, gf)
Cajun Marinated Halloumi Cheese Chunks cooked on the Chargrill, served with Guacamole, Mixed Salad, Coleslaw and Fries.
Three Cheese Risotto 12.50 (v)
White Wine Risotto with 3 Cheeses, topped with Grana Padano Cheese
and Fresh Herbs


Sweet Potato Fries 3.50 (v)
Smoked Mac n Cheese 4.95 (v)
Crispy Onion Rings 1.95 (v)
Cajun Onion Rings 2.50 (v)
Buttered Vegetables 2.50 (v, gf)
Steakhouse Side Salad 1.95 (v, gf)
Red Cabbage Coleslaw 95p (v, gf)
Sautee Mushrooms 2.95 (v, gf)
Allergy Information. We are happy to provide a list of the 14 allergens, and a chart to indicate what dishes contain these ingredients. If you suffer from any allergies, please inform our staff prior to ordering your meals.