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2018 Prep has begun!

2018 Prep has begun!
January 17, 2018 John Dolan

Happy New Year to everybody, we hope its a great one for you and for us!

Whilst the Christmas period is chill time for many industries, our industry is in full swing, but January is a different story! We closed for the whole month to have some nice family time, regroup, recharge our batteries, plan the year, do some decorating, and i have even managed to squeeze in a bit of Fifa on the Xbox! Golf has taken a back seat unfortunately as my back is pretty bad for the past few weeks…im feeling every bit of my 33 years!

We have spend several weeks planning our menu, chopping and changing a few bits, and have now settled on the menu. Many of the dishes have remained the same, but we have opened the door for a few newcomers too. On the starter section the Mac n Cheese Bites are pretty smart. We have used Smokey Monteray Jack Cheese and the flavour is pretty intense. These are breaded and fried, served with Spicy Chipotle Sauce, its a real comfort dish, great tasting american street food dish, fingers crossed our guests love it as we do. Our Beef Brasaola dish is a great addition too. I have wanted to put Beef Taretar of Beef Carpaccio on for some time, but im not sure Dolgellau is ready for that at the moment. Most of our guests enjoy homely starters, and i dont feel that these 2 mentioned would fit into that bracket. Personally i am a big fan of beef tartar (sometimes), but i dont think it would be a great seller so we will hold that off for a while. The Brasaola is gently dry cured, and with the addition of some peppery pea shoots, rock salt and olive oil, its great…then add crumbled Gorgonzola Cheese and wow…shoot me now!


Our new menu and Valentines menu will be online this evening!


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