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Boring! …fake food critic!

Boring! …fake food critic!
January 14, 2019 John Dolan

We have just been TripAdvised by some absolute drip…even though we are closed this month.

Jusding by his posts, he takes his culinary experiences very seriously…criticising so Many chain restaurants/pubs/hotels…then slaughters me for being closed…

Unfortunately this is that we are up against in 2019…when many small businesses are feeling the pinch (thankfully we are doing just fine)…some absolute ball-sack of a man thinks hes clever and leaves a 1 star review…he actually rated us for food, service, and value…

This is why I say TripAdvisor is a complete load of shite. Utterly unfair. If I had an inch of respect for the stupid site I would try and complain to have the post removed…but I can’t stand it…just thought I’d share that…




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