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The Difference between Burgers MADE on-site, and Burgers Assembled on-site…is it really ‘Home Made’?

The Difference between Burgers MADE on-site, and Burgers Assembled on-site…is it really ‘Home Made’?
May 17, 2017 John Dolan

At The Gatehouse Steakhouse we take great pride in our Burgers. On our menu we have 2 Beef Burgers, 1 Lamb Burger, 1 Veggie Burger and a Chargrilled Chicken Burger…each of these burgers are prepared on site from the first ingredients to the last!

The reason for this addition to our blog is the sudden influx of ‘Home Made Burgers’ on so many menus…almost every establishment who serves a Burger, claims it is home made. Is it though??? What makes it home made?

Here is my take on a home made burger…

The Mince arrives from a butcher, the ingredients are added, the recipe is mixed by hand, the burgers are rolled by hand, weighed, shaped, then chilled over night…that is a home made burger. It is then cooked and assembled! The shape will not be identical, and they will be pressed by hand. One  or Two, may even be slightly over weight, but thats ok, its a better deal for the person on the receiving end. These burgers are wide and deep, and can not simply be cooked on the chargrill for 2 minutes on each side on, they need the oven to finish cooking thoroughly.

This does not happen i many places. I could save myself time and money by calling many food suppliers, ordering a batch of ‘home made’ beef burgers, saving the labour time, and take straight from a vacuum pack onto my chargrill…but we dont work this way.

Many establishments who are buying these burgers and selling them as ‘home made’ are basically just cooking and assembling the burgers, and this is evident in how they taste. I write this because i was on the receiving end of this ‘scam’ at a restaurant a couple of weeks back. I ordered the burger expecting a nice hand rolled burger, and receiveda compressed, over-salted, robust, tough burger which had been compressed by machine and was perfectly round, holding its shape perfectly through the cooking process. It arrived looking pretty smart, between a nice bun topped with a onion ring and a bucket of fries with a tasty dip…but it wasnt ‘home made’ as it stated on the menu. at £11.50 i would expect some effort to have been put in at least…keep an eye out folks, a burger may seem pretty straight forward, but the difference between a hand rolled burger and a mass produced compressed burger is as huge as a Fiat Panda and a Rolls Royce Phantom!


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