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Great British Menu – the northwest looking strong!

Great British Menu – the northwest looking strong!
May 19, 2017 John Dolan

Great British Menu has reappeared on our tv screens over the past few weeks, and I personally am delighted to welcome it back! In my household every cooking show is recorded, I can’t get enough of them, But Great British Menu is the one that stands out for me. Some of the Uk’s most celebrated chefs battle it out to produce 4 exciting courses.

Us in the Northwest and Wales have had some good success, but it is mostly the heavyweights from down south who set the standards. It is only early days still, bit this year the northwest have set the show on fire.

I have previously worked in the same kitchen as Ellis Barrie when he was a young lad, at The Panoramic Restauraunt in Liverpools Bethaam Tower. He must have been about 16 or 17 and was a commis chef back then, so has moved up the ladder and obviously knuckled down since, but seemed to be a decent enough guy. He was labelled a kitchen clown back then, but sometimes they help you get through the day. He now runs his own restaurant with his brother on a holiday park in Anglessey, so a double chance for Wales in this competition!

I was most pleased to see Paul Askew do so well on his main and dessert. Paul is the top chef in Liverpool these days, former chef at The London Carriageworks, and now Chef Patron at The Art School…a modern concept fine dining restaurant. He is a very likeable guy, who I have met a few times and always seems to be loving his work. His main course dish was out of this world, and I have a feeling this will go all the way to the GBM Banquet!


It’s great to see 2 Liverpool lads doing so well here.. .best of luck to them both.



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