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The Christmas Period

The Christmas Period
December 19, 2017 John Dolan

We have a had great support from the local community over the year, which we are very grateful for! This November and december has been fantastic too with group bookings and Christmas parties!

We always go the extra mile with christmas menus, as we feel far too many places play it safe and serve mediocricy at inflated prices. We do make our lives that little bit harder of course…boning, stuffing, rolling a turkey breast, then cooking it sous vide for 14 hours, then alkowing it to rest for 24 hours…but its worth it…the results are fantastic and the feedback has been great!

Many times we have been told “this is the best christmas meal we have had as a group”…we wont get cocky though!!! Next year we will go the whole hog again!

Organisation was the key this year to a smooth service. We changed kitchen staff as we had a bad egg amongst the team! Its fair to say that was a great decision!

Over the past 17 year’s in kitchens, i get through the day with “turkey buttys”…but im proud to say that this year i havent consumed a single one…im saving myself for christmas day. Normally by the time the 25th arrives i cant imagine worse than turkey…but this year im excited for it!!!

Enjoy some kitchen pics. Excuse the photo quality…they are taken on the job!!!


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