It’s almost 2022!!!

Hello everybody. I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break. Even though we are still frustratingly seeing the C-word in all corners of

Getting shit done!

Hi people. It’s been a busy few weeks at the gatehouse with all the work we have on the go. We have had a mass

Valentines 2021- an unusual one

Hello everybody. I hope you are all good, and managing to stay positive despite the lack of light at the end of the tunnel right

First steak in 2 months…

hhello people. I hope you are all well and making the most of ‘at-home time’ during lockdown #3. Fingers crossed this vaccine gets a shift

Paid for Accolades…

Alright people…and welcome to 2021! Fingers crossed this shit headed virus leaves us and the world can restart as we knew it before last march!

Merry Christmas & Christmas Dinner!

Hi people. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, even though more restrictions were thrown upon us late on, I hope everybody tried to

8 years ago today…

So 8 years ago, i was working as Head Chef of The Crying Tree Gastropub & Function Rooms in Liverpool. I had a pretty hectic


Covid Update

Good Afternoon People. As anticipated, the welsh government have copy & pasted Scotlands model and sent a hitman to blow the knee caps off the