Covid Update

Good Afternoon People.

As anticipated, the welsh government have copy & pasted Scotlands model and sent a hitman to blow the knee caps off the hospitality sector in Wales.

The new rules started that as of Friday Restaurants/Cafes/Pubs/Bars etc must not serve alcohol at all, and must lock the doors at 6pm. Eating Lunch without an alcoholic drink will save you from Covid-19 it seems. Ah well…I’m actually trying to sound like a none-bitter person here but probably not succeeding very well.

This has been such a weird year. We invested a lot in order to comply with Covid protocols…we spent a fair few grand on an outside space to qualify for opening in July…trained our staff…spent fortunes on single use menus and so on…but none of it really made a difference, it seems it was all about ticking boxes.

In my opinion, hospitality has been by far the safest and most efficient sector in reacting to covid rules and regs. I eat out a lot and not once have I been suprised by a lack of measures put in place…so many businesses have taken the hit and worked hard on these new regs. Other restaurants in Dolgellau have done it all brilliantly so I wish them all well.

The spring & summer is our gravy train, and early autumn is good too, so now that its been confirmed I’m planning on some nice family time rather than stressing over pre orders, or making sure plastic penis’s are cleaned up from last nights secret santa gifts.🤣 (I’m pretty strong on the banter side of things but even I’m shocked at the extremes of secret santa in the last few years).

I havent written this much since the last assignment that led to me failing my GCSE’s, but I would like to say a massive thankyou to a lot of groups of people.

Staff – you people have been brilliant. If you worked 1 shift or every shift you make the place tick over, and we will really miss you over the next few months. Having an upstairs kitchen has saved you a fortune on gym memberships, but all of the running around is massively appreciated and especially those who worked when masks became law…we salute you. Without you all work wouldnt be half as successful or half as much fun.

Locals – the local support here really does move us…we are not local and totally understand if loyalty lies with your own, but we have such fantastic support in this area, and it really means a lot. We try very hard and press our suppliers hard to make our place affordable, and the constant wave of returnees is so impressive! We look forward to becoming you all back in 2021.

Tourists – we see so many returning faces from over the country and it really is moving that you choose to spend a night of your holiday at our establishment. We have had so many gutted people cancelling tables due to this pandemic and I feel for every one of you who have had disrupted holidays. I’m figuring that come mid march that things will start to get better, so hopefully we will start to see you all again then…in the new version of ‘the world’.

Suppliers – our suppliers are heros… absolutely love each and every one of these companies we work with to bring you great food and drinks. From the big boys such as bookers, we still receive great individual customer care from matty and toby, who always make sure to ask hows things are going and have a chat, to Paul at Penparcau Butchers in Aberystwyth and his brilliant staff…to Hayden at TJ Roberts butchers and his top team. DJ Fruits in Porthmadog, Total Produce, Andy at Brakes for our dry store, Barry of Harlech Foods, Carlsberg, and our Seafood Supplier at Genesis Fish in Towyn…all deliver the best produce the region has to offer.

Landlords…Our Landlords have been fantastic in this situation and without asking they gave us a helping hand in the spring when the lockdown happened…couldn’t ask for better

landlords really, for that we are very lucky and grateful!

Our business is healthy. Well be back strong when we reopen. The menu ideas I had for february remain in place and I cant wait to get going again…maybe I’ll even play about a bit with a few dishes (pulled pork waffle wont be returning dont worry, I’d had a few drinks when I finalised that menu) but at the same time I have a December which is now solely about family for the first time in my career…my children dont have to see me stressed and I can watch home alone for the 17,000th time but actually in the evenings.

I hope you all make the best you can out of Christmas this year…remember it’s only one year…next year I’m sure the celebrations will be mental and well all make up for this joke of a year. Stay positive…look after each other, and before we know it well all be able to live life normally again…perhaps with a little needle scar on our arms but I’d happily take that right now. It’s the start of a new beginning.

We will open on Wednesday night and seek all of our stock at 50% off menu price. This means fillets/tbones for about £10…sirloins, ribeyes, rumps less than £10…so if you are in Dolgellau then it’s worth coming in for a last dinner!

Take it easy people and stay positive!!!

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