First steak in 2 months…

hhello people.

I hope you are all well and making the most of ‘at-home time’ during lockdown #3. Fingers crossed this vaccine gets a shift on and gets rolled out quickly and gives us all the chance to feel a bit more normal again. Ok…next bit…

So i do cook quite a lot at home, but not often anything extravagant. Boiled frankfurter with dijon & ketchup for breakfast… pasta dishes, meat joint & veg etc… but rarely steak. Actually, very rarely steak.

The last time I cooled steak at home was in Lockdown #1 when I cooked a tomahawk on a coal bbq…that was perfect I’d like to mention. I’ll probably sound like a spoiled brat right now, but I have access to so much brilliant red meat at crazy prices, that I rarely feel like it as I prep & cook it so often. I’m a huge fan of beef fillet…in any way. I had it on our xmas indoor barbecue, but that’s not classed as ‘steak’ as we know it. Today I opted for Sirloin for me and my wife. Sirloin cooked good is stunning (I remove the fat strip once cooked – makes me gag like a whore).

So i took the steaks out of the fridge 3 hours before cooking and seasoned them on both sides.

Then i took 4 chicken legs and boiled them up, before that I roasted some onions, carrots, celery stalks & garlic cloves for the sauce…once this was boiled for an hour, i sieve the solids and binned them…then reduced the chicken stock by 50%…or maybe a bit more…but 50% is good. I then added some green peppercorns, and ground black and white pepper, and boiled the arse off it until it reduced again…I only seasoned it when it had reduced as I seasoned the stock earlier…and too much salt ain’t good. At this point the stock is thick…so I only need to add cream & season …but I’ll leave that till the end…

I now put the veg in the pan… raw broccoli, peppers, onions and garlic…use a garlic press…absolute genius invention. It gets the full flavour of the garlic, with all the good bits and keeps behind the rubbish bits…bin them or throw them in tomorrows stock. Roast the garlic in the butter…then add the veg add salt, and whack a lid on the pan…shake often.

Now the steak…its upto room temp now so will cook evenly. Heat the pan to ‘very hot’ and add the steaks. When that side is nicely coloured and Caramelised, turn it…once that side is also, turn onto the fat side and put the fat strip down onto the base of the pan…nobody likes soggy this cold fat…crisp that bitch up. Once the fat has a nice colour…give about 30 – 60 seconds again on each side, then put on a board to rest for 1 or 2 mins…slice it…looks better for serving…ideal garnish is the obvious tomatoes Mushrooms and salad…or 2 of those 3. I rarely eat potatoes, but chips or mash are great too.

Finish the sauce….bring it to mac heat (boiling) and add some cream…taste it…if not enough kick, bang a bit of pepper in…not tasty…get more salt…then enjoy.

Normally I’d stick some garlic n rosemary in when cooking the steak but I added a decent bit when cooking the veg, so I didnt bother…but it’s a nice touch.

I hope this is helpful. If you want to cook a nice meal at home, for a special ocassion or just a ice dinner…put the time in…buy nice ingredients, and follow some instruction.

Take care people


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