Getting shit done!

Hi people. It’s been a busy few weeks at the gatehouse with all the work we have on the go. We have had a mass clearout of all the older crockery, glassware, cups, pans, trays etc…basically the stuff that’s been sat in storage for ages. Most of it came with us back in 2016 and hasnt been used since…we were ruthless this time and just launched it!

We have been busy building lots of storage shelving, repainting the kitchen, garnishing the restaurant floor, rearranging the bar with wall mounted wine racks, ceiling glass hangers, bar back mirrors, and some interior decor.

We are getting there now…not much else needs doing…oh…yea, the garden terrace lost 4 roof panels in the wind, and a blackboard got a bit bashed up, so that needs sorting in the next couple of weeks. That’s all good though, and in the pipeline.

This weeks jobs are our parafinnoil lamps need securing, otherwise when the wind blows it will be like a flamethrower…and we have some hanging baskets for the inside…and other bits n pieces putting up. The place is going to look pretty smart when we reopen.

As for reopening, our drinks menu is looking brilliant. I’m very happy with the steps we have taken…theres some pretty cool spirits such a proper twelve whisky, au vodka, hennessey X0, and more…the range is looking tops.

Apart from that and the rest, we have the ‘chefs collection’ wine cabinet. These are wines I have collected over the past few years and kept at home (early mid life crisis as i dont drink wine). There are some pretty special bottles in this cabinet…obviously the price is a bit steeper than our normal range, but these are special ocassion bottles…and for a wine buff, this will be a treat.

Our new menu is looking quality too. Iv knocked the pizzas on the head this time round. I might have been rat arsed when I put pizzas on the menu last summer but it was a massive head fuck whilst juggling an already big menu which is all cooked from scratch. That’s what happens when I have been out of the kitchen for a while though. Usually make these fuck ups when we reopen in february after a month in asia with my family…i get all giddy and take my pen and paper to a bar and make a menu over a few beers, proof read it the following night after a few beers, and send it to the designer, who makes it look nice, then prints it…then when it arrives at my home I try to convince myself it’s all good and sont be a problem…then the first Saturday night comes and I’m smashing tongs against the grill in anger haha…ah well…I cant be knocked off enthusiasm that’s for sure. This new menu is well thought through and pretty labour intensive on the prep, but should be much better on service than last summer’s menu… it still involves pizza dough, but that will make garlic dough balls on the starters. I know that’s gonna be a winner!

takeaway has been cool…its been fun and challenging. Some of these nights have been mental…like the valentines and kfc were nutts…spent 2 full days prepping the menus then the service was still hard…its mad how much pressure is added on by putting food in boxes and containers etc…that adds a different dimension. Often I have stood in Tso’s chippy in liverpool waiting for my food for ten minutes and been close to calling out something like “how can takeaway take so bastard long, just wrap the fucker up, whack it in a bag, an make mine” …but again, this has given me a bit more respect for takeaways (though in all fairness theres a lot more delicacy goes into restaurant takeaways than chippy takeaways) but I’m too polite to be a prick like that. Theres enough of them as it is! Texan night on Saturday was good…I do wonder though how people manage to eat so much food…but the big boxes sell the best so I’m not complaining. Our team have been great…jake the snake helping me in the kitchen, and keira taking payments and running food out to cars, it’s been pretty cool…these kids r a great asset to our business and work really well. The always get rewarded at the end of the night with a big box of food too, it’s always nice tonsend the staff home with some goodies…just I’m a tit, because I go home hungry and eat a piece of toast while the staff have burgers, hotdogs, fried chicken etc. I just cant eat in work.

Right…I got to go…im playing a bit of x box…GTA is on pause, and I’m on 2 stars for attacking a security guard at the airport with a golf club. I had to do that just to get away from the harry and megan interview…fed up of reading about these 2. If it’s not them 2 its covid…and if it’s not either of those its LFC…and that’s grim this season and makes me sad…so I thought I’d give an update on what’s going on in gatehouse life.

Take it easy people, cant wait to serve you all in real circumstances…with plates…and metal cuttlery. Roll on April…or whenever.

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