It’s almost 2022!!!

Hello everybody.

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break. Even though we are still frustratingly seeing the C-word in all corners of life, things this festive season have been much more relaxed, and we are allowed to see our friends, family, colleagues and so on…I’m grateful for that, and for the fact that our business is still allowed to operate unlike this time last year.

I’d like to touch on a few subjects…if you do get bored, thanks for clicking on anyway, as my page clicks will have gone up…not that it means much, but it always surprises me how many page clicks we receive a month…I should really do more with this website.

Reopening after Covid this year…we escaped winter restrictions last year and went abroad for 3 months, so we had a lot of time to make plans for whenever we would be allowed to reopen. We made a brilliant drinks menu with some cool spirits, added a signature wine cabinet. This has went down a treat with some of our wine lovers. This wine cabinet only stocks wine from small independent suppliers, and has kept us pretty busy trying to keep it stocked away from mass produced wines.

Our first service was valentines menu takeaway…wow…it was hard work. We did a 3 course click & collect menu, and it was pretty full on. With only 2 staff in the kitchen and one waitress, we were up against the odds but we pulled off a night we were very proud of.

We did several other takeaway nights, but towards mid March we heard whispers that outdoor dining would be possible, so we extended our covered garden area by a few metres. This proved to be such a smart move as the extension helped keep out a terrible draft that was always swirling around the garden. Once we opened, we hit the ground running,and didn’t have time to look back. It was pretty mental for a while, and extra hands were needed…so we employed a sous chef – Bertie arrived (we’ll talk about chef bertie a bit later).

The summer…the summer was Nutts as always. The time where we spend more time with our staff than our children, wake up feeling guilty and go to bed feeling guilty, buying presents to make up for the fact that our kids don’t see us much. It was 100% justified though, because as well as a full restaurant, we had a full garden to deal with on a daily basis. Tourists flocked to Wales, and the comments regarding the local area made us proud do live and do business in Dolgellau. I often feel lucky to be in this idyllic part of earth, but seeing so many newcomers wishing they lived here too was pretty cool…I think the area will benefit for many years based on the summer just passed. Work was hard and intense, with maximum pressure on kitchen and service staff, but we all still managed to have a great laugh, this is a very unique place we have, I don’t know how it works under the watchful eye as such an uneducated fuck up as myself, but somehow it does. To summarise…the summer was amazing…I think I’ll take these work memories with me for years to come.

If you follow our Facebook page, you will be aware that we had some fucking bad dickheads in the summer, ordering food and kicking the plate clean, only to say the food was shit…ond consequencely piss off without paying for it…or the tit who said he was going to the cash point and did a runner, who we managed to track down due to being a clever bastard with smart mates…he shat his pants when threatened with debt collectors…but I must stress…these things probably happened 3 or 4 times through a crazy summer…it just goes a bit mad on Facebook when I post these situations…but probably doesn’t give a true reflection. More than 99% of our customers were amazing, happy, fun and had a great time. We seen so many regulars also, that was lovely…we are so grateful to the people who visit our place time and time again!

My kitchen team…I don’t even know where to start with the kitchen team I have here. It works so well…everybody knows the job they need to do, and often basic instruction is all that’s needed. I still get butterflies before busy services…so I come in early morning to get some bits done and settle my head, then when I return in the afternoon and the staff come in, it’s plain sailing until open time. The lads we have here are quality people, and it’s a fun team to work with…myself, Tom (bertie) – sous chef, Jake the snake – Culinary director of nachos & many other things, and Jack – executive head of potwashing and chip plating services…oh and Elisha – part time potwash, part time waitress and full time cheeky b*****d 🤣. I’m clearly the loudest in the kitchen, often chatting shit and taking the piss, occasionally dishing out a major bollocking, sometimes punching myself in the face…but 95% of the time…its hard work and good banter. I even manage to say nice things about Manchester Utd, as bertie is a big UTD fan, poor lad…but somebody has to love Manchester second best team I guess!

I’d like to Tha k our kitchen staff though, they make my work life enjoyable and serve some great food to so many people…each person is very important to their own section, and it works so well. A big high 5 is owed to Tom (bertie)…as he’s came into this team and done a great job…and it’s not so easy to do that sometimes, it can be a daunting task coming to a busy place in a busy period and jumping in at the deep end. I admire Tom’s mentality at times as I have never seen him lose his shit smash anything up, punch himself, or even swear 🤬…not to mention iv never seen him drink a beer…I don’t know that’s possible for a chef…but he’s certainly a good presence in the kitchen as well as being a very accomplished cook…sometimes I say to my wife that he’s way too nice to be a chef, it it works well for him and us! Thanks to Tom taking this job, I have seen so much more of my children this year, and that is priceless.

Our Front of House Team

Our front of house has been together for a while now apart from a few 2021 additions. Each and every one of them are worth there weight in Gold, and I really mean that…brilliant, pleasant and hard working people. It takes much more than good food to complete a good dining experience, and me being kitchen bound I don’t often hear the feedback first hand, but I see plenty of emails and online spiel to know that these people are brilliant.

Good Deeds

In 2021 we gave away over 600 meals…many of these were over a couple of mass giveaways to the local school children and we also fed the school teachers with a few compkementary takeaway feasts…plus prize giveaways, charity vouchers etc I’m also proud that we donated £300 the the local dolgellau kindergarten to buy play aperatus for the little ones. We try our best to give as much as we can…we didn’t say no to anybody this year, which I’m quite proud of!



Massive thanks to all of you…

Penparcau Butchers Aberystwyth , TJ Roberts butchers in Bala, Castel Howell, Dawsons of Porthmadog, Oren Fruit and Veg, Beer Gas Wales, China Wah Liverpool, Bookers Aberystwyth, Makro Queensferry, and Genesis Fish Tywyn.


We will be open from Friday 7th Jan 2022…for the duration of January, kids eat FREE.. keep an eye on Facebook!


Still a pile of shit…Full of self important wankers with shit knowledge and big opinions!

Have a great 2022 everybody…all the best…I hope you smash the new year!!!





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