Merry Christmas & Christmas Dinner!

Hi people. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, even though more restrictions were thrown upon us late on, I hope everybody tried to make the most of it. Personally, we had a lovely Christmas…just me, Vita and the Children. With the restaurant being closed this December it certainly helped reduce the stress levels and this definitely had a positive effect on the festive period. I felt for this first time ever I could properly enjoy it without worrying about stock orders, pre orders, reservations, turkey, and reviews.

Christmas dinner.

There was little tradition about xmas dinner in our household this year. Not a turkey in sight…or the usual bits n bobs. We opted for an indoor barbecue, where we cook our own, and mid-March what we like.

The beauty of this is I could prep it all the day before, and then all I need is to set it up, turn the grill on, and the rest we do together at the table. This gave me lots of time to play with the kiddies and properly be present on xmas, rather than peeling vegetables and spuds for hours and missing the fun.

On the menu we had;

Teriyake Beef Fillet, Beef Fillet in Garlic & Truffle, Szechuan Pork Fillet, Pork Fillet in Ginger, Chilli, Garlic & Lime, pork Loin in Soy & Garlic, King Prawns, Russian Salad, Marinated Chillis, Pickled Vegetables, and Fries.

It was really nice, good fun family cooking, and we had a laugh. To accompany the meal we had pink prosecco, chilled really well, so was cold and crisp…tasted great.

As usual, I over prepared…that was the one tradition that I kept…making way too much food for 2 adults and a 9 year old (baby was sleeping). None was wasted though, I put it all back into the fridge and made a belter of s boxing day dish…special fried rice…JD style.

After washing the rice and cooking it in 2 stages, i cooked a load of the meat up, added some scrambled eggs, teriyaki glaze, soy sauce, ginger & garlic and let the sauce reduce…added the rice…and seasoned…boom. better than any special fried rice i have ever tasted. I actually feel i should be given Chinese Citizenship based on that dish.

All in all, that meal was a success…maybe well do the same next year. I’m considering similar for new years eve but sm also tempted by a chinese banquet…decisions need to be made!

Take care👍🌲🎅


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