Paid for Accolades…

Alright people…and welcome to 2021! Fingers crossed this shit headed virus leaves us and the world can restart as we knew it before last march!

I hope you all had a nice xmas and new years eve. I did…was lovely family time!

We just received 2 awards from restaurant guru…

  • Best steakhouse in north Wales
  • Best steak in Dolgellau. It’s always nice to receive some sort of accolade…its good to be recognized by organisations, but we really dont think of or consider these things when going about our day to day business. Obviously our primary aim is to be profitable, but that’s paired with making our customers happy and feel welcome. The problem I have with accolades is that there is always a cost involved. Restaurant guru gives a free printable certificate…but they beg us to buy a glass plaque…or a silver trophy…then add a paper weight for £x… the food awards wales are the same. It goes like this…. Dear Mr. Dolan, we are delighted to inform you that you have been nominated for chef of the year, restaurant of the year, and manager of the year. Your first ticket is free, please add more guests to the table etc etc… basically the more you add, the greater chance of winning. In a nutshell it’s a load of bollocks. Sorry I forgot to mention that every ticket is 75 quid. When I break this down over 600 people…3 course meal…drink on arrival, and a crap glass trophy…its a great business to be in. The same people run the scottish, Irish etc… now…even the AA and hardens guide want money. I’d rather not be in anything like this if I have to pay for recognition. These guides are on last legs.
  • I’m much happier cooking with great quality meats…cooking with classical methods…keeping things simple…selling crowd pleasers with a few quirky bits along the line.

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