Valentines 2021- an unusual one

Hello everybody.

I hope you are all good, and managing to stay positive despite the lack of light at the end of the tunnel right now.

Its such a frustrating time for me personally. I always take time off and close the restaurant from before xmas to feb…them we start up, fully refreshed, fire in our bellies, batteries recharges new menus, new dishes, and refreshed excitement. I’m in that position now, only theres not much I can do with it.

Anyway…we listed our valentines package on facebook and its flew out. At the time of writing, we only have 4 deals left. Considering we advertised it a month in advance, I’m made up with that. I’m really excited to do this takeaway meal set. It should be good fun from the kitchen perspective. With these takeaways organisation is so important. In lockdown #1 we learned so much about doing takeaway from a restaurant. Although the prices are low, the produce is still the same as we use in the restaurant, but speed is key. Some days we were serving over 50 households it really was mental. Valentines will be pretty quick paced too though I only have the 1 menu so it will be less stress.

Anyway…if yiubwant one of the last valentines meal packs bang us a WhatsApp message and I’ll reserve it for you.

Take care people and well hopefully serve you in the not too distant future!


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